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Taming Crocodiles


Marie Poledňáková


Family, Comedy

Miroslav Etzler, Ingrid Timková, Jiří Mádl...
A family comedy full of good intentions: Lubos spends the most of the year in the Alps working on a rescue team. He has finally arrived home and his wife Anna is looking forward to spending a whole month with him. But their 7-year-old daughter Amalka refuses to go on a school trip in order to enjoy time with her daddy. Lubos goes to school to excuse his daughter’s absence, but ends up going to the High Tatras with Amalka and her class as amedical technician. He promises Anna to be back in a few days. However, a chain of events and unexpected comic misunderstandings stymie his return. Amalka and her friend Koudelka contribute to this situation, and so does the peculiar grandpa Pepik, their son Vasek, and an attractive teacher, Alice. Anna waits for Lubos in vain and things are heading for an open quarrel. In the end, everything turns out for the best and Lubos has a great surprise for the whole family...

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